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What I learned from Davos 2014: A sustainability view

By Vincent Neate, Head of KPMG’s UK Climate Change & Sustainability practice

Another year, another Davos. The four days of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos are always an interesting time for anyone with even the smallest interest in the future state of the planet, the business world and humanity in general. This year’s theme: The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business, reflects many of the issues KPMG’s Sustainability team have dealt with over the past 12 months. Continue reading

Thoughts on Davos 2014

By Yvo de Boer, Special Global Advisor, Climate Change & Sustainability

There are some who have asked whether the World Economic Forum (WEF) serves a useful purpose. In my experience the answer to that is yes. First of all, it is a great place to meet people who are otherwise almost impossible to get hold of. How often do you bump into world leaders and chief executive officers (CEOs) around a coffee table? Continue reading

Thoughts from the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan: one year on

By Vincent Neate, head of climate change and sustainability at KPMG in the UK

I have many fortunes in my role and the most recent was to be invited into the audience at Unilever’s update on their progress with their Sustainable Living Plan on Tuesday 24 April. The Sustainable Living Plan is Unilever’s commitment to being a different sort of company – one that shifts the global economy onto a more socially and environmentally responsible footing. Continue reading

Nick Clegg - Green Growth

If we want a progressive economy, we cannot afford to ignore the green agenda

By Vincent Neate, Head of Sustainability at KPMG in the UK

We were delighted to welcome Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to KPMG’s offices yesterday where he launched his ‘green growth’ initiative.  There were several really interesting aspects to the speech that caught my attention. Continue reading

CR Index 2012 Platinum Plus

Paying a Living Wage should be a requisite in Corporate Responsibility

By Mike Kelly, Head of CSR at KPMG

It’s great to see a strong and diverse range of companies on Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index, out today. The Index has been going for over ten years now and there is no doubt that it has done a lot of good.  It has helped raise awareness of corporate responsibility and has created a benchmark that companies aspire to.  It holds them to account each year and challenges them to do more. Continue reading

A new perspective on the changing business environment

By Yvo de Boer, Special Global Advisor, Climate Change & Sustainability

Over the past two decades, we have recognized that the way we do business has serious impacts on the world around us. It is now apparent that the state of the world affects the way we do business. The central challenge of our age – maintaining human progress while minimizing resource use and environmental decline – can simultaneously be one of the biggest sources of future success for business. Continue reading

Big wave

Water, water, everywhere…

By Adam Bates, Global Head of Innovation, KPMG

Last year the United Nations estimated that the world’s population had passed the seven billion mark. The excellent BBC website tells me that I when I was born I was the 3,019,907,734th person alive on the planet and the 76,654,641,382nd person to have lived since history began. If ever I thought I was in any way remotely important, then that news certainly put me in my place! Continue reading